Libby Darlison








Libby Darlison’s original professional training was as a sociologist. She has lectured at Sydney University the University of NSW, and the University of Queensland, and has taught courses in research methods in the social sciences. After leaving academic life Libby worked for three years as a Commonwealth Public servant (at the equivalent of the SES level) before establishing her own consultancy company.

Libby has been a successful consultant for the past 25 years and is currently owner and Director of the Miller Group. Over that time she has led large and small consultancy projects across all areas of human services for Commonwealth and State Governments and for Local Government as well as for intergovernmental organisations (UNESCO, WHO, IOC) and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and internationally.

The areas in which Libby regularly works include program and organisational evaluation, facilitation, performance measurement and service delivery, capacity building, organisational change, governance, business development and strategic and business planning. She is particularly interested in the development of new service delivery models and has researched and written several papers on integrated service delivery, its benefits to clients and its application in and across non-government organisations.

Libby has led projects with Community Housing providers (Bridge Housing and Metro Community Housing) In addition to these projects, and more recently, in the past year Libby and the Miller Group team have worked with Housing NSW on different evaluation projects that involve social housing clients. These are listed in detail in Section 5. While Libby has led several other evaluations over the past two years (and previously), we have listed only those that have involved social housing clients.

In each of these projects the Miller Group team has developed the evaluation framework, designed the evaluation plan, designed the methodology for data collection, undertaken the data collection and data analysis, facilitated an improvement performance workshop with the clients and completed draft and final reports. In all of these projects the Miller Group worked reported to, and worked with, a governance structure that involved Steering Committees (some interdepartmental) Project Management Groups and Advisory or Reference Groups.

Libby is a graduate of Social Leadership Australia, a member of the International Association of Public Participation. She is trained to deliver GRI, Social and Environmental Accountability SEA), Results based Accountability (RBA) and Social Return on Investment (SROI). She is a member of the American Evaluation Association and the Australasian Evaluation Society. She has a Dip. Ed and a BA (Hons) Sociology.